Online Learning

Online Learning Platform FAQ

How does Online Learning work? 

  • Students will access their new courses through Canvas.  These courses are self-paced, and students will have the ability to email a facilitating teacher.  Students will participate in activities and complete assessments online.  While are available to guide the students, there will not be live instruction. Teachers will still work with students by monitoring and assisting virtual learning.

Who will be teaching the classes? 

  • Higley Unified School District has assigned secondary teachers based on their content knowledge.  

Is there an online registration process? 

  • If you are interested in joining Online Learning, please reach out to your school counselor via email.

If my elective or course is not offered online, what are my options? 

  • If your course is not offered online, please reach out to your school counselor and they can assist you in identifying different options that may be available.  

What happens to my grade from my current classes?  

  • Student grades will be transferred from their current class to their new, online classes.

When can I return to in-person instruction? 

  • Students will be allowed to return to campus at the start of the 2nd quarter or the start of the 2nd semester.  The counseling department should be notified of the decision to change placement no later than September 25th at 12:00 pm for a 2nd quarter return and no later than December 16th for a 2nd-semester return.  

If I’ve changed my mind and would like my student to attend in-person, who would I contact? 

  • If you change your mind and determine that you would like to resume in-person learning for either the 2nd quarter or 2nd semester, please reach out to your grade level counselor to indicate your desire to change.  

If I choose to come back for in-person learning, will my schedule remain the same? 

  • We try to accommodate everybody, but we cannot guarantee that every student will have the same schedule.

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