10 Ways to Help Your Child Be Proactive During Winter School Break

Posted by Coronado Teacher on 12/5/2019

1. Maintain a homework routine


Student doing homework

Maintaining your child’s normal homework routine (as much as possible) will help keep your kids ready to jump back into their school mentality after a break. Keeping a daily reading expectation and encouraging them to use their online school assigned programs (Redbird, Freckle, Mandarin Matrix, etc.) will help keep them in a routine.


2. Use your child’s report card to help reteach/extend certain areas


Going through paper work

Look through your child’s report card to find areas to focus on during break. Look online for opportunities to practice with your child in areas of weaknesses or focus on areas to extend their learning that they excelled in. ABCYA https://www.abcya.com/ has different grade level games for reading, math, typing, and even science skills that make learning game like yet educational. Reach out to your child’s teacher for more specific examples of how to help reteach or extend different areas of learning.


3. Find a book for the whole family to enjoy


reading a book

Winter break is a great time to pick a book that the whole family can enjoy together. Check out several copies of the same book so you can all take turns reading or following along. Reading books based off popular movies is a great way to encourage reading. Discuss the story together during family dinners or while traveling. After finishing the book, watch the movie as a family and discuss the similarities and differences between the two. On a road trip, listen to an audio book or podcast together as family. Check out the same book you are listening too at the library and encourage your kids to follow along. Download library books on the OverDrive app from your devices app store to listen for free.


4. Use everyday opportunities to incorporate math practices


making cookies

Use opportunities such as cooking to incorporate fraction skills and serving sizes. Use coupons from the newspaper to help compare prices for your meal and add up the cost. For younger kids, focus on having them add smaller numbers or tell you the place value (ones, tens, hundreds) in a given number. Gather Christmas ideas by having them look through magazines and calculate how much their items cost. Develop a budget for them to track how much they are spending on presents for family members.


5. Research a place you are visiting or a topic of interest


looking at map

Before traveling to a new location, brainstorm questions of interest about the area. Take a trip to the library to gather books to learn more about the destination. Winter break can also be a great opportunity for your child to research an area of interest besides what is covered in school. Help them find articles and books about their topic of choice. You can encourage them to create a presentation (puppet show, PowerPoint, story, comic, video clip, etc.) for the family about what they have learned.


6. Create a family reading competition


 kids writing


Scholastic has a winter reading challenge with different tasks your child can attempt to complete. Or get the whole family involved by making your own family reading competition with fun prizes and challenges. Track each members progress with a colorful chart and discuss different books read over break. Set time aside to turn off devices, turn on some relaxing holiday music, and enjoy your books together as a family. https://www.scholastic.com/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/printables/pdfs/winter-break-reading-challenge.pdf


7. Make it a challenge


Fun activities

Ask each other quiz questions while driving to destinations. Review spelling/ vocabulary words while wrapping presents together. Make it a game involving points for questions answered correctly.

8. Check out a local museum


museum inside

Take time to visit a local museum in the area or go on a nature walk. Encourage your kids to keep a journal of notes and artifacts they find as you explore as a family.


9. Visit your local library



Local libraries are a great place to take the whole family for fun and educational experiences. They offer free activities, great storybook read alouds, and time to explore amazing books. The link below shows the Maricopa library events for winter break along with their times and locations.


10. Keep a sleep schedule or ease back into it


Alarm Clock

Keeping a regular bedtime and wake up routine can help make the transition back to school after a break less stressful. However, if this isn’t possible try to ease back into the school routine several days before the Monday alarm goes off January 6th, 2020.