How Student Council Helped Me Become a Better Leader

Posted by Student Council President on 11/21/2019

I am Brooks the student council president of Coronado.
The main reason I wanted to be a president is to help the students of Coronado. Being a student council member has changed me by helping me work on leadership skills.
Also, I am not usually a leader, so this is a new experience for me. By being in student council I hope to be a good example for other students.
I do not like talking in front of other people, but I've learned to make it fun. Being a member has allowed me to meet a lot of people like the superintendent and Coronado Principal Mr. Jeff Armstrong.
Being a student council member has given me confidence to say my ideas out loud. I can be an example for the whole school which is cool.
This makes me think of my actions all time. Next year I will be in middle school and plan to join student council.
My experience now will set me up for success. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a leader at Coronado and apart of another great school year.