The Benefits of Cheerleading

Posted by Coronado Cheer Coach on 11/14/2019


Our Coronado Cheer team includes 40 students in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Every year, we choose a captain and co-captains to help run the team. Those team members learn leadership skills, as this is an important part of what we stand for at Coronado Elementary. The older students love to show the new and younger teammates how to be an awesome cheerleader and what it means to be a teammate! It is wonderful to see the team building and leadership between a 6th grader and a kindergartener and the possible relationships that can build from that.

The ability to be decision makers and teammates play an intentional role in the growth and development of young individuals.

Cheerleaders are able to build endurance, flexibility, and strength training during the season, which is great for additional physical activity. Each year we build new skills and develop routines.

The team progresses year-to-year, providing veteran experience to help new student-athletes. Students learn to work as a team and communicate properly in a stunt group to keep cheerleaders safe and execute stunts to almost perfection. They also cheer at the Coronado basketball games, which shows them how to be team players and how to have a positive attitude.

Cheerleaders always make a tunnel at the end of the basketball games for the basketball players to run through no matter the outcome of the game, reinforcing the positive attitude aspect of the game. We often hear them talking to their classmates the next day and complimenting the players on their skills on the court, which summarizes how important it really is to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

The cheerleading team is very involved and dedicated to ensuring they represent Coronado in an energetic and positive manner! Come watch us at the half time show or at our competition in March!