Grade 12 College Prep Class

To: Grade 12 Families

From: Higley High School Administration

Re: College Prep English

Higley High School is eager to offer a new dual enrollment course this year called College Prep English. College Prep English is not an honors or accelerated course and serves as a  12th grade English course that fulfills the Arizona high school graduation requirements. Additionally, the course can be taken for dual enrollment credit through Chandler Gilbert Community College. Students can earn ENG 101 and ENG 102 course credits with successful completion (a grade of C or higher) of the course. An overwhelming majority, if not all college students, must complete the basic ENG 101 and ENG 102 courses in almost every pathway and these course are universally transferrable from CGCC to all Arizona Universities. Additionally, Chandler Gilbert Community College has transfer agreements with a large amount of colleges and universities around the country that will allow this course to transfer as the required  basic English courses. This class is strongly encouraged for anyone who even has the slightest inclining of post-secondary studies as they can gain exposure to an entry level college course, complete it with their high school teacher and cohort at a slower pace over the course of an entire high school year (as opposed to the condensed 17 week traditional college semesters), and start their post high school career with some college already complete.

If you are enrolled in a different 12th grade English course and are interested in requesting College Prep English please complete the class change request below.

If you have any further questions regarding the course or dual enrollment please contact James Walker at or 480 279 7319

Included below is the course guide description for College Prep English:

COLLEGE PREP ENGLISH 1 & 2 (will be Dual Enrollment ENG 101/102) This is a college-level course designed for students to complete English 101 and 102 at the university. English 101 students will read nonfiction essays, complete an argumentative research paper, an I-Search paper and other writing forms. English 102 students will learn research techniques for a critical analysis paper, and critique two major novels and a play. AP and dual enrollment courses are college-level courses, and some reading selections may contain mature subject matter. Course Length: 1 year Prerequisite: 3 English credits Grade Level: 12 Fees: Tuition if taken for Dual Enrollment Location: HHS, WFHS