Staff and Student of the Month Awards

Town of Gilbert Student of the Month

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our Town of Gilbert Student of the Month.  Every month, the Town of Gilbert recognizes one student from Higley High School as the Student of the Month. Students chosen for this award exhibit positive character traits, work hard academically and show pride in their school. In addition to the Town of Gilbert Student of the Month recognition, Higley High School's academic departments celebrate their student's achievements. The following students have been recognized as Higley High Students of the Month.

August - Marcus Edwards

September - Alyssa Razo

October - Logan Bach

November - Kelli Anderson

December - Chantel Brown

January - Nathan Grandy

February - 

March -

April -

HHS Most Valuable Staff Member

Two members of the HHS Staff are chosen each month and receive a certificate and token of our appreciation (donated by GiGi Roberts-Roach, Realtor) for their dedication to students and their commitment to making Higley High School a great place to be.  Congratulations to the following recipients!!

August - Samuel Lockett and Jennifer Nevins

September - Amber Whiting and Aaron Dille

October - Maria Huth and Sharon Fonzo

November - Marsha Foster and Tommie Byrd

January - Officer Arrowsmith and Robert Decoste

February - 

April -