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Centennial Elementary Principal Receives Maricopa County Exemplary Principal Award

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Centennial Elementary principal Rachel Broadley received the Maricopa County Exemplary Principal Award. Mrs. Broadley has served as Centennial's principal since the Fall of 2016.

“Rachel demonstrates both strong instructional and community leadership,” said Superintendent Mike Thomason.

When she first arrived for the ceremony, “I was shocked,” Mrs. Broadley shared. Once she realized she was being honored, she became overwhelmed.

To Mrs. Broadley, it was incredible seeing her staff come together. “Everyone was there to celebrate me,” said Mrs. Broadley. “My lunch aides, my crossing guards, people I don’t interact with as much as I do with my teachers. I just felt this sense of pride and love.”

Maricopa County Superintendent Steve Watson tweeted, “Congratulations to Rachel Broadley, principal of Centennial Elementary.”

“The culture on our campus is one that embraces everyone, from students, to staff, and to our community members. It is a culture that values individuals, supports and encourages everyone to reach their potential,” wrote one Centennial teacher who nominated Mrs. Broadley. “These attributes and qualities of our school are driven and modeled by our principal who leads with her heart and a relentless dedication to the success of everyone.”

“Something I love about Mrs. Broadley is that she is a very kind principal because she helps students when they need help,” said a student at Centennial.

The Maricopa County School Superintendent awards student leaders who:

  • Exemplify practices and leadership (during the past three school years) that contribute to high expectations and exceptional student learning.
  • Actively engage staff, parents and community members in developing an effective school culture.
  • Utilize data to guide instruction and decisions regarding staff development.
  • Have a history of high teacher retention.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully develop and inspire others.

“I’m so honored to have received this award,” said Mrs. Broadley. “I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Congratulations Principal Broadley!

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