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After the Bell

As our HUSD students embark on their well-deserved summer break, our committed staff remains dedicated in their efforts to pave the way for a smooth transition into the upcoming school year. Departments across the district, from teachers refining lesson plans to maintenance and IT teams enhancing facilities and technology, play vital roles in readying our schools and facilities for the return of staff and students. photo of four people standing in a hallway while locking arms and smiling

Throughout this summer, our teachers are actively engaged in a variety of professional development activities aimed at enhancing their teaching practices and furthering their expertise. "Our teachers consistently demonstrate dedication throughout the school year and beyond, investing their time and effort not only during the school year but also during the summer break when students are away," said Mary Davis, Director of Professional Development.  

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We have nine science teachers participating in a three-day symposium at Biosphere 2 with Arizona Science Teachers Association (ASTA), and an additional nine science teachers undergoing training on the ASU Star Lab. This training will enable them to utilize the portable planetarium for educational purposes, enhancing their teaching capabilities. Teachers are also taking on leadership roles in HUSD summer school and Kindergarten Kickstart programs, contributing to the Arizona Mathematics Partnership (AMP), and participating in planning workshops tailored for Dual Language Immersion (DLI) teachers. Their dedication to continuous learning and their commitment to providing high-quality education are evident in their participation in these initiatives.

Our IT Department handles various tasks to ensure smooth operations for the new school year. They're upgrading infrastructure, updating software, and deploying new hardware to enhance educational experiences. Additionally, they're providing training and support, especially during New Teacher Orientation, to coach staff on technology use. Furthermore, they're enhancing emergency preparedness measures, including backup systems and disaster recovery plans, to mitigate potential disruptions. With their comprehensive approach, the IT Department is committed to facilitating a successful start to the new academic year.

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And lastly, the Maintenance & Grounds department plays a crucial role in facilitating a seamless transition to the next school year by meticulously attending to various essential tasks. “Our Maintenance & Grounds Department works throughout the summer, ensuring our classrooms and school grounds are ready for the upcoming school year,” said Gustavo Landeros, Director of Maintenance & Construction. “From routine maintenance to addressing unexpected issues, our team does our best behind-the-scenes to uphold the functionality and safety of our schools all year-round.”  

Tasks include implementing upgrades to enhance efficiency, replacing worn-out equipment, conducting touch-ups for aesthetic appeal, safely removing obsolete items, undertaking renovations for modernization, addressing repairs promptly, and ensuring thorough cleaning and sanitation. Through these efforts, the department contributes significantly to the overall readiness and operation of the school environment, creating a setting that promotes learning and productivity for both students and staff. 

These are just some of the ways HUSD staff are working to ensure our facilities, technology, and methods are ready next year, to prepare learners for limitless opportunities.