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Williams Field High School “Stuff the Bus”

Stuff the Bus is one of Williams Field High School’s oldest traditions. This serves as a unifying force, engaging the entire community, students, and staff of Williams Field High School. The primary aim is to contribute to the well-being of those facing food insecurity during this particular time of the year.

“It also combines all their core values especially dedication and selflessness. The students are dedicated to helping with the community and they get the chance to be selfless, which I feel, and all of Williams Field, all our staff, feels. That’s very important that they know that they’re a part of something much bigger. Whether that’s a part of being a Blackhawk at Williams Field High School or even the surrounding community. They get that sense of, ‘I fit in here and I can make a difference in the world around me’” noted Dan Fox, Williams Field High School Principal.

For the past 13 years, the canned food drive has stood as a steadfast tradition. The Williams Field High School’s National Honor Society took it on as their annual service project for both the school and the community, guided by their advisors, Alison Locke and Megan Spitler. Over the last 5 weeks, cans have been collected from 1st-hour classes and various campus events. At the close of the event, the winning class, the top contributor in terms of cans, participates in the fulfilling activity of "Un-Stuffing the Bus" at the United Food Bank.

“This is our 13th year of doing Stuff the Bus. We’ve had some great success. This year we got 10,487 pounds. That included anything from cans of non-perishable foods to pasta, flour and sugar to go to local soup kitchens” said Alison Locke.

Following the unloading of items from the bus, participants were granted the opportunity to explore the United Food Bank facility. They gained insight into the behind-the-scenes processes that showcase the transformation of collected food from food drives into essential nourishment for our neighbors. For more information on how HUSD students are serving their community, explore #HigleyHelps on social media.

We’re so proud of our Williams Field Blackhawks!