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Senior Spotlight: Zione and Zaria Jones

Zione and Zaria in graduation gownsGraduating from high school is a milestone that many students look forward to, and for Zione and Zaria Jones, it's a momentous occasion that they will share as twin sisters. As they look back on their high school experience, they are grateful for the opportunities and support that they received from Higley Virtual Academy (HVA).

The two decided to attend HVA for their junior and senior years of high school.

For Zione, attending school online was the perfect solution for her during the pandemic. She enjoyed the flexibility and independence that HVA provided, allowing her to take charge of her education and work at her own pace. "I love that it’s self-paced," says Zione. "All the class work is also right there for you to look back on and review/study."

One of the highlights for Zione was taking electives such as programming, art, and sign language, which allowed her to broaden her horizons and explore different fields. She is excited to continue her education and explore various career paths.

For Zaria, attending school online was a more comfortable option than in-person classes. She appreciated the ability to communicate with her teachers and ask questions through a virtual setting.

“HVA has prepared me by offering so many more classes and opportunities to learn,” Zaria said. “I would recommend HVA to others because I feel that for me personally, they have been more involved with their students than any school I’ve ever attended. They have shown especially during finals week that their top priority is that you pass and have a positive school experience.”

One of Zaria's favorite classes at HVA was Sign Language, which has been an interest of hers for years. She appreciated the opportunity to learn this language, which will be a valuable skill in the future. "It is something very useful in the real world and something that I will have with me forever," Zaria said.

As twins, attending HVA together was a unique experience. They were able to support each other and help each other throughout their high school journey, even though they had different strengths and grades. “I will be forever grateful to have spent my high school experience with my twin by my side,” Zione said.

Overall, Zione and Zaria are grateful for the education and opportunities that they received at HVA. They are excited to graduate and move on to the next chapter of their lives, knowing that they are well-prepared for whatever the future holds.