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Students with Unique Learning Styles Volunteer at the Agritopia Community Garden

Students at Agritopia

Students in Higley’s Transition and Access Program (HTAP) are volunteering twice a month at the Agritopia Community Garden to serve their community and prepare for life after high school.

HTAP is a one-year program offered at Higley Unified School District for vocational rehabilitation students that helps teach independent living skills. HTAP aims to help students become as independent as possible and career-ready.

“At HTAP, students start the year with a focus on daily living and life skills,” said Brittany Wittenberg, HTAP teacher. “As the year progresses, the focus becomes more job based, including mock interviews and resume writing. My goal is to give students a basic foundation for life after high school.”

Photo of HTAP students at Agritopia Farm

This is the first year that HTAP students have had the opportunity to volunteer at the Agritopia Community Garden. During each volunteer day, students check the clipboard to see what jobs have been assigned. All volunteer jobs at the garden revolve around basic garden care.

Over the years, HTAP has formed partnerships to provide students with volunteer opportunities at Aimee’s Farm, Cooley Early Childhood Development Center, MidWest Food Bank, RAIN Cat Rescue, Higley High School Unified Class, Gateway Pointe Elementary, and Sunshine Acres Children’s Home.

“The purpose of our volunteer work is to help students gain basic employment skills, learn the importance of giving back to others, be able to work as a team and independently, solve problems on the job, and to have experience in a wide range of settings,” Ms. Wittenberg said.