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HUSD honors high achieving ACT, SAT students

Middle school students who achieved high scores on the ACT and SAT the past few years were honored recently by Higley Unified School District.

Current students from Higley’s high schools, middle schools, and Bridges Elementary HPAL program and their families came together for the Talent Search Awards Program on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at Higley Center for the Performing Arts.

“This is our third year to work with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, but to also give our students the opportunities other students in top school districts across the country get to take the college entrance exams in middle school to help prepare them for the tests when they will count in their junior year of high school,” said Associate Superintendent Dr. Warren Shillingburg.

Higley hosted the SAT test day in December open to all students. Test invitations also went to excelling young students in the district to participate.

During the awards ceremony, district leaders presented awards in a number of areas. Students who took the test while in middle school and scored at the national average for 11th graders in one of the subcategories received certificates of achievement. Students at each grade level who scored the highest in each subcategory on the ACT or SAT received medals.

More than 70 students were recognized: 44 students for the ACT and 29 students for the SAT. The students are now enrolled in Cooley or Sossaman Middle Schools, Higley or Williams Field High Schools or the Higley Program for Accelerated Learning at Bridges Elementary School.

All students being recognized qualified for the Johns Hopkins Talent Search programs and can choose to participate if they wish.

Congratulations to all the students.

Katherine Blaes
Sophia Mastorakos
Tiberius Baker
Trent Little
Ava Gooch
Jordan Ramanousky
Aden Bank
Tatum Mason
Danielle Morgan
Anika Taylor
Nicholas Cain
Emily May
Spencer Pospisil
Taryn Toombs
Bailey Daymo
Ashley Nichols
Rylie Frahm
Annika Tornell
Grant Fuchs
Timothy Ocker
Tyler Giles
Nathan Troth
Kailey Giguere
Autumn Rae
Evalyn Kohl
Truman Wallin
Sabrina Gooch
Victoria Rutledge
Riley Kolins
Cole West
Skylar Good
Trace Shaffery
Todd Kwiatkowski
Treyci Alonzo
Carter Hatch
Dane Shillingburg
Haley Lakin
Dalton Andreshak
Noel Hengst
Jacob Wilson
Marion Seth Lopez
Gavin Baily
Trinidi Jack
Tyler Yursi

Madeline Ackermann
Ava Abbate
Caitlin Dubel
Haden Baumgartner
Ryan Edam
Helaina Callis
Alexis Gefroh
Paris Garland
Chase Goodwyn
Lexi Griggs
Samantha Johnson
Londin Hassell
Emily Pospisil
Emma Kessler
Matthew Shelton
Kyan Kurpinsky
Mason Anderson
Isabelle Lottig
Kennady Barnhart
Danielle Morgan
Dylan Cho
Ethan Morgan
Jaxsen Culver
Garrett Osborne
Case Curtis
Spencer Pospisil
Gabriella Schopmeyer
Kaylee Samarripa
Audrey Tesch