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Cooley Early Childhood Development Center Recognized Outstanding Points of Pride Recipients

Points of Pride recipients


At the Higley Unified School District Governing Board Meeting on March 10th, Cooley Early Childhood Development Center recognized a few outstanding individuals for the District’s Points of Pride award. 

Recipients were introduced by Patti Gleason, Director of HUSD Early Childhood Development Centers, and Stacey Utley, Assistant Director of the Centers. These individuals included:

Amy Scott-Jones, certified.

Amy Scott-Jones is a teacher in our Brilliant Beginnings classroom at Cooley Preschool and she has been there for eight years. She loves the littles and continually connects with our youngest learners, building the foundation for all future educational experiences.

She is always willing and always helpful. She can always find the humor and laughs in situations that arise. She is joyful and a positive model for her students. She is a lifelong learner and continues to elevate her practice and share her knowledge equally and without hesitation, focusing on safety and the best developmentally appropriate practices. She stimulates and encourages curiosity, engagement and creative play. Her upbeat attitude inspires her class and school family. We are so happy and proud to honor her. 

Michelle Brennan, classified.

Michelle joined the front office team at Cooley back in 2019. She has been a blessing right from the start. She quickly learned the ins-and-outs of the position and has been a true asset to our Cooley family. Her smile and sunny attitude brighten every day and she has a wonderful sense of humor.

She loves all the children and has made a special effort to get to know the names of our STARS and our BEST students. She greets them by name every day. She is part of our social committee, treating our staff with special birthday greetings and treats. She is very organized and very creative.

Brandi Krause-Johnson, volunteer.

We are very excited and very proud that Brandi stepped into the position of PTO president just this past November. She rescued us and she is helping us keep our wonderful ECDC PTOs afloat during this school year. Brandi has been a wonderful breath of fresh air – offering idea after idea to inspire and take care of teaching staff and bring joy to the children. Since this is her last year at preschool, she has been very busy recruiting other parents to volunteer.

She is a lot like the energizer bunny – so full of energy and ready to get the job done. She is always focused on the positive and ‘yes, we can do that,’ seems like her motto. We are very proud and excited to honor her with our points of pride.

Nico Patel, student.

Nico is a very kind friend, building relationships with his peers daily. Nico’s smile is so bright, it shines right through his mask as he connects with his class and school family. He is always willing to wait, take a turn and share with his friends. He continuously seeks learning opportunities and shares his interests with his teachers and friends. Some of his interests include fish, the sea and rainbows. Nico has a love for math, numbers, construction and engineering. It has truly been a pleasure watching Nico play, learn and grow this school year and the other years he has been with us, too. This will be Nico’s final year here at Cooley preschool. Off to kindergarten he will go and what a gift he will be.