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Bridges event continues focus on STEAM education

From its roots, Bridges Elementary School in Gilbert put a focus on STEAM education – science, technology, engineering, arts and math. This is accomplished through a Makers’ Place, the school’s project-based learning lessons and a number of events.

Earlier this semester, Bridges Elementary School hosted its second STEAM Night. Students, families, and community members were immersed in a myriad of engaging and thought-provoking activities during the event.

“The applicability of STEAM has been an instrumental part of the future-focused vision at Bridges Elementary. While these concepts are continually infused in daily instruction at Bridges, the STEAM Night allowed for highlighting what is learned in class, as well as giving community members that work in STEAM-related fields, the opportunity to highlight how the concepts apply to their jobs,” Principal Jeff Beickel wrote.

With more than 1,000 attendees, participants were exposed to 3D Printing, robotics (both elementary and middle school levels), automated machinery, aeronautics, ice cream making, cavity filling, water treatment processes, cybersecurity, integrating technology in the creation of music, circuitry, engineering challenges in the Bridges innovative Makers’ Place, and much more. Presenters ranged from Bridges’ own teachers, to local dentists, Arizona State University, local engineers, and Town of Gilbert Employees. The event even had a special guest appearance, with Town Councilmember Eddie Cook stopping by to check out the learning taking place.

Beickel was elated with the turnout, and the participation from all of the presenters.

“As technology continues to progress at such a rapid rate, it’s vitally important to continue to immerse our students in STEAM to ensure they are ready for the future. I am so thankful that we have a staff, and community that supports our vision in this way. It is incredible to watch all of the students interacting with the demonstrations and activities. Thank you to all that came out and participated!” he wrote