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Students take seats on mayor’s group

Williams Field MYAC Students  HHS MYAC Students

Five students from the Higley Unified School District are providing youth input in these areas and more this year as members of the Town of Gilbert’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC).

MYAC offers local youth, ages 14-18, the opportunity to work with local government leaders by identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, offering feedback and assisting in volunteer efforts. They meet directly with Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels.

At the first meeting, Higley High School’s Lucas Stakebake, Aubrey Ewing and Braiden Lamoreaux, and Williams Field’s Wil Johnson and Kenne Jones, discussed major issues facing today’s youth like drug usage, racism, bullying and suicide prevention.

Mayor Jenn Daniels said she is looking forward to leaning on these students’ insight:

“I’m thrilled to have Wil, Kenne, Aubrey, Braiden, and Lucas on the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee! By participating in the MYAC leadership program, they are receiving an insider’s perspective on all things Gilbert,” she said in an e-mail. “We’ll also look to them throughout the year for feedback on a variety of topics to help shape the future of our community. We’ve had a great start to the year and I can’t wait to see the impact they will have as they engage with the Town and give back.”

Williams Field student Kenne Jones said the committee has one meeting every month. Students are required to contribute a minimum of 15 community service hours and attend all meetings to graduate from the program.

“I joined MYAC because I thought it would be a great experience for me and thought it would give me valuable leadership skills for my later life,” Keene said.

Higley student Lucas Stakebake said he is aspiring to have a career in politics and was excited to have an opportunity to get involved.

“I’ve always talked about [politics] with my dad and just more and more I’ve just realized that it is fun to me and that I can do it as a job,” Stakebake said. “I see a lot of problems in the world that I think I can help fix.”

Higley student Aubrey Ewing said she joined out of her desire to make a difference in her community and jumped at the opportunity to become a better leader.

“Our goal this school year is to help students stay away from the drugs and help bring awareness to mental health,” Ewing said. “Our next steps are going to be deciding how we are going accomplish that.”