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Black Hawks earn state runner-up golf title

WFHS Men's Golf Team

The Williams Field High School men’s golf team finished second at the 2018 AIA Division II State Tournament. Senior Kohl Kuebler finished second overall in the individual standings. Earlier this season, the team won its third sectional championship in a row. This marks the second year in a row the team finished as state runner-up champion.

“As you can see it was a very good season,” Coach Rick Miles said. ““I am extremely proud of these young men and how they performed this season. Not only did they perform on the course, this is probably also the closest knit group I have coached. They were always encouraging each other on and off the course. We won two tournaments, finished runner-up in one and had a top 10 in another. These guys should be very proud of what they accomplished.”

Students said teamwork played a large role in the Black Hawk success this year.

“Our practices were not anything too fancy, but simple drills on the putting green, playing games around the chipping green, and working our swings on the range worked well. It was extremely helpful that everyone was willing to work hard and stay on task, leading to successful matches as a result,” said senior Payne Moses.

“Practices are where you learn to elevate your game and apply it to the real deal - whether you are playing or just on the range, keeping up the intensity is what has proved to make our team successful. Without the inner team competitiveness and striving to be the best there is to represent your school, we would not be able to stay in the mix with all the other teams in the state and country,” said junior Carl Miltun.

Way to Dominate, Black Hawks!