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Williams Field STUCO members mentor future Black Hawks


A few games, some “get to know you” moments and lots of laughter filled the student council room at Cooley this semester. But the Cougars were not the only ones participating.

Williams Field High School student council members came to their feeder middle school to mingle and meet the future Black Hawks. But mostly, they came to talk about leadership.

The two Gilbert schools are both part of the Higley Unified School District. Both schools offer a number of leadership opportunities to students, including student government. The visit allowed younger students to learn about student council’s work at the high school, as well as ask questions about how to prepare for activities better on their own campus. The middle school students prepared a number of questions for the Black Hawks before their arrival, asking about the events they plan, the leadership attributes needed and whether or not student council looks good on a college application.

Williams Field students offered words of wisdom to the Cooley Middle School students, including:

  • It’s a good idea to know your community and know your school.
  • It’s important as STUCO that you know everyone, especially in high school when you get to work with everyone.
  • One of the things that’s kind of scary at first is you have to work with upper classemen. I thought that was so scary, but now I’m a senior and I love working with the freshmen.
  • You have to be able to lead, but you have to be able to listen a lot. ... you have to take information and distribute it, as well.
  • You also have to be responsible and trustworthy because the younger students are seeing what you are doing

The Cooley Cougars appreciated the insight from the high school students.

“I got to learn a lot more about how student council is run in middle school and compare it to high school. There were a lot great tips they gave us. And the game they played with us, the team building, was really fun. I felt like I was becoming more social. That was a surprise. I thought it was really fun when they came in,” said Cooley eighth-grader Amanda Florez.

“They got to answer a lot of questions for the eighth graders, like how were a little nervous for high school. And for all of us, for student council, what we can do better for leadership, what leadership is, the significance of leadership and a lot more about how we can get fund raisers together,” said Cooley eighth-grader Brianna Rowe.