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San Tan holds annual Leadership Day

San Tan Elementary held its Leadership Day on Feb. 6 highlighting the Leader in Me Program the school uses, created the Franklin Covey program. This annual event allows students to demonstrate what they learn from the book and program, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students,” to visitors and guests and allows students to talk about how they show leadership in everyday life. 

Students from the Lighthouse group – the school’s student leadership team – led tours and presentations.

Alyssa Strohmaier, teacher coordinator of the student Lighthouse Committee, helped students in planning the day.

“Students are in charge of so many events, like today’s event they planned it from start to finish. I really feel it gives students an exposure to leadership opportunities like public speaking and leadership roles,” said Strohmaier.

During the meeting presentation, students explained what a leadership notebook is and individually walked to each visitor in the room to show what a progress folder looks like.

“It’s nice to welcome people to our school. On Leadership Day, we get to do activities to help students learn the seven habits. We have visitors that come to learn what a Leadership Day is like so they can turn their school into a Leader in Me school,” said San Tan student, Daphane Sanders.

Visitors included Assistant Superintendent Dr. Warren Shillingburg, Executive Director of Elementary Education Sherry Richards, Sossaman Middle School Principal John Dolan, Board Member Jill Wilson and parents of Lighthouse Committee members.

“The thing I love about Leader in Me is that I see my kids at home say a tag line that they’ve learned at school. For example, if we have a disagreement, my kids will say, ‘Think win win.’ The seven habits is so drilled in their heads that they learn to become successful leaders. A school can have a motto, but if it’s never reviewed or never enforced then it doesn’t mean anything. I feel like at San Tan the seven habits are enforced and the kids all know them and truly live by them,” said parent Ashley Thelim.

The event finished with a question-and-answer session directed by the students.

“Today’s Leadership Day is all about showcasing the amazing leadership that our students and staff model on a daily basis. I’m really proud of the students, staff and community for their support on our leadership model,” said Principal Ray Mercado.