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San Tan recognizes leaders

San Tan recognizes leaders

Students assembled at the San Tan cafeteria for The Leader in Me K-6 recognition ceremony on Wednesday, October 17.

San Tan’s drumming club welcomed family and friends as they synchronized in their drum beat paving the way for the rest of the assembly. San Tan choir showcased a Leader in Me song highlighting the main components of being a leader. The focus of the event was on the one student per classroom recognized by a teacher for successfully modeling all Seven Habits of The Highly Effective People.

The Seven Habits of The Highly Effective People is a component of the Leader in Me program uniting students and staff around a common goal to prepare students with college and life-readiness skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

Throughout the ceremony, San Tan Principal Ray Mercado encouraged students to view the importance of being a leader and understanding its true meaning. At the end of the ceremony, chosen leaders received a certificate congratulating them for being consistent in the seven habits and making a difference in the school.

“I believe it is extremely important to host a leadership assembly because it’s amazing to see the things students do to make San Tan great! We believe leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential, when students believe they are important to the system, everything else falls into place. I believe all students can be great leaders and that leadership is a choice they all have at San Tan,” said Mercado.

San Tan Elementary is part of the Higley Unified School District, and located in Gilbert, Arizona. The assemblies are held quarterly.