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HTA students display unique creations


Friends and family from all grades came to observe student displays at the Higley Traditional Academy’s annual Night of Excellence on Thursday, May 10 in Gilbert, Ariz.

Each grade followed a theme for a classroom project, completed over several weeks. At the annual Night of Excellence, students demonstrated their projects to those in attendance.

Many awe-inspiring projects took place, including: second-grade insects, third-grade inventions, fourth-grade circuit cities and more! HTA students in third grade tried out their inventions and share it with all to see.

Third-grade student Eleanor Cramer, inventor of the “Two-Step-Dog Feeder,” said, “I was inspired to make this because our doggie container was too far away from the dog bowl and it would take forever to scoop the food in.” Like Eleanor, a hope to make people’s lives easier inspired students to design some of their inventions. “I am really happy with my invention, because it’s really easy to use and I had a lot of fun making it.”

Parents who attended this event were moved by the students’ efforts to make this come together expressed their gratitude.

“It’s not just about teaching something in a classroom, it’s about seeing students use their knowledge. Teachers have helped the students tie the projects into real life and put it into practice in class and this is what I love. You can really see the students’ projects come to life,” said fourth-grade parent Trisha Lowder.

Higley Traditional Academy, part of Higley Unified School District, has been around for more than 100 years. It has a focus on academics in language arts and math. For more information on Higley Traditional Academy, please visit the website Traditional Academy Information.