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Once Higley High graduate, now Higley teacher

Lindsay Pierce graduated from Higley High School in 2014. After pursuing higher education, she’s returned to the Higley Unified School District this year to nurture the next generation of leaders as a first-year teacher.

Lindsay was an eighth-grader when a teacher’s efforts gave her an epiphany -- “I want to be a teacher.” Now she is teaching students at Higley’s Cortina Elementary to help them achieve their own “a-ha” moments.

“When I really, truly decided that I wanted to be a teacher was in eighth-grade because of my eighth-grade math teacher,” Pierce said. “I absolutely loved her, and before I had her class I hated math. It was my least favorite subject. I could not stand it.”

Pierce said her opinion changed after her teacher made the seemingly dreadful subject fun. Her eighth-grade teacher used catchphrases, was personal and made it, “known that she cared about us and really wanted us to succeed.”

“That’s when my love of math started and then I started thinking I want to be able to give that same feeling to other students. I want to be able to help people feel that way when they get something for the first time and they truly start to love it.”

Now, Pierce follows in the footsteps of her teacher and strives to fill students with a curiosity for learning and help them gain exciting insights.

“My most memorable teaching experience was when one of my students literally had an ‘a-ha’ moment, and he was like ‘oh, I get it,’” Pierce said. “As teachers, that’s our goal: to help students get something they didn’t understand before.”