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Coronado wins SRP Pledge to Planet contest

SRP Photo

When Coronado Elementary School teachers Jessica Silashki and Alex Dougherty set a goal, it’s not going to be a small task.

The teachers set forth this year to encourage a schoolwide commitment as part of the SRP School of Energy Pledge to the Planet.

They asked families to make a promise to “do something” toward the good of the Earth. Some signed a pledge toward recycling. Others picked up trash in their neighborhoods. Everyone was asked to send in a photo to illustrate their commitment.

Their efforts stood out to SRP, resulting in the school being names two of three award winners this year. The winners were selected based on highest participation, most creative display of pledges, and minimal use of resources.

Coronado will receive three new shade trees by fall, donated by the local nonprofit, Trees Matter.

“We took our pledge virtually due to our unique situation. We asked families to send in pictures of their child, or them, pledging something to the planet. We got a lot of creative pledges: 57 families went out in their neighborhood community or their house and made a pledge (even social distancing when they were outside). We compiled the pledges into a collage of the Earth to make a giant digital pledge for our school,” Silashki and Dougherty wrote in an e-mail. 

“Thank you to all the Energy Coaches who encouraged students, staff, and community members to participate in this pledge to reduce their carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the planet,” Coronado Principal Jeff Armstrong wrote.