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    Give your child the connections that start a positive, educational experience
    The Higley Unified School District prides itself on providing quality educational experiences. We feel that enriched early childhood environments not only provide extraordinary opportunities for young children, but also form the foundation for a successful educational career.
    Our Early Childhood Development Centers provide a loving, safe, and nurturing child-centered educational experience. Certified Early Childhood teachers provide meaningful and developmentally appropriate educational experiences for your child’s intellectual, social, emotional, creative and physical development.
    We are striving to meet the needs of the diverse community in Higley by offering Mandarin, Spanish, and Gifted preschool programs, as well as our Brilliant Beginnings, Kindergarten Prep and STARS programs.

    We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our Early Childhood Family!

    Sue Sossaman Early Childhood Development Center, 18655E. Jacaranda Blvd., Queen Creek
    Elona P. Cooley Early Childhood Development Center, 1100 S. Recker Road, Gilbert

    • Brilliant Beginnings: Available for potty-trained children ages 3-4 (part-time and full-time options)
    • Kindergarten Prep: Available for children ages 4-5 (5 full- or 5-half day options)
    • STARS: Available for children with special needs who qualify for services.
    • Kindergarten Prep with an Introduction to Mandarin: Available for children ages 4-5. Students will be introduced to Mandarin throughout the year to help prepare them for Mandarin Kindergarten offered at Coronado Elementary.
    • Kindergarten Prep/Spanish Dual Language: Available for children ages 4-5. Students will be taught in both English and Spanish, developing two sets of language skills at once. Children can move from this program to the Spanish Immersion Kindergarten at San Tan Elementary.
    • Highly Gifted: Available for qualified children ages 4-5. This highly selective program will prepare young learners for the Higley Program for Accelerated Learning, now at Bridges Elementary School. 


    For information about Sue Sossaman Early Child Development Center, call (480) 279-8600. For information about Elona P. Cooley Early Child Development Center, call (480) 279-8400.