• What employees are considered certified staff?

    Certified employees hold a state certificate from either the Arizona Department of Education or another Arizona agency entitling them to work in their field. Employees that are considered certified fall into the following categories:

    1. Teachers
    2. School Principals and Assistant Principals
    3. School Psychologists
    4. School Counselors
    5. Nurses
    6. Speech Pathologists
    7. Substitute Teachers
    8. Directors of Curriculum and Teaching
    9. Superintendent
    10. Associate Superintendent
    11. Certified Supervisors

    What employees are considered classified / support staff?

    Classified employees do not hold a state certification. Some classified positions include but are not limited to:

    1. Bus Drivers/Aides
    2. Instructional Aides
    3. Nurses Aides
    4. Secretaries
    5. School Clerks
    6. District Office Clerical Staff
    7. District Office Professional Staff (Non-Certificated)
    8. Kids Club Employees
    9. Transportation staff
    10. Technology Department Staff
    11. Grounds Department Staff
    12. Maintenance Department Staff