• Dear Parents,

    Parents of students in Special Education and Higley Unified School District are important partners with us for developing appropriate programs and services. We hope this sharing of information will serve as a valuable beginning communication link to you.
    In Higley Special Education:
    • Parent involvement is important to our teams!
    • Students and their parents have a number of resources for assistance via parents, liaisons, teachers, and administrators!
    • Parental input into district/school/student planning for special education services is always welcome!
    We are proud of our positive involvement and accomplishments. We hope that you will take advantage of all special education meetings and parent activities at your school. For more information, please call your child's school office and ask for the special education department.
    General information and an overview of Higley Unified School District's special education services and programs can be found in our website links (which are currently under construction) and by contacting our district office at 480. 279. 7059.
    We pledge to work with you and to develop and implement appropriate educational services for eligible students in our district!
    Shauna Miller, Special Education Director