• The Capital Campaigns and Communications Department serves the Higley Unified School District through business partner development, fundraising, and internal/external communications.

    Deb Woods

    Debbora Woods, Director
    Capital Campaigns & Communications
    (480) 279.7096
    Carlos Espinosa
    Website Content Manager
    (480) 279.7076
    Capital Campaigns
    Our mission is to establish sustainable business partnerships and funding sources that generate resources needed to support academics, extra-curricular activities, building projects, community service projects, and special events.
    Our vision is to be a leader in the education field through pioneering and innovative funding efforts.
    Areas of responsibility:
    • Business partner development
    • Community events
    • Fundraising
    • Gifts and donations
    • Grants

    Our mission is to effectively communicate with HUSD staff, parents, students, business partners, and the community through a variety of available delivery channels.
    Our vision is to anticipate stakeholders' needs and provide unprecendented levels of communication and service to help the Higley Community stay in touch and informed.
    Areas of responsibility:
    • District website
    • Marketing
    • Media relations
    • Publications
    • Strategic planning
    • Town of Gilbert Liaison
    • Training and procedures