Attention Future Spartans!

  • Tuesday, January 9th: Sossaman Middle School Open House

    If you missed our Open House, please feel free to view our presentation below!

    Open House Presentation

    Saturday, April 13th: English & Math Sample Assessments

    Mark your calendars for April 13, 2024 if you are interested in completing the English and/or Math sample assessment to be considered for placement into our ELASS and/or Algebra I double-accelerated honors courses.

    This sample assessment is a prerequisite for our ELASS and Algebra I class, but is not required for those interested in Honors placement.

    Check-in will begin at 8:30am on each date and the duration of the sample assessments depends on the pacing of your student. The average time to complete the math sample assessment is 70-minutes and the average time for the English sample assessment is 115-minutes.

    Students may complete one or both sample assessments during the date selected and will be permitted to leave campus once the sample assessment(s) are completed. Students may bring water and a snack and will be provided with all the necessary sample assessment materials. Use the English and Math Sample Assessment Link to register for February 10th or April 13th and reach out to Principal Potts with any questions at

    About ELASS PowerPoint

    WEB "Where Everybody Belongs"

    WEB, "Where Everybody Belongs", is our middle school transition and mentoring program. Built on the belief that students help students succeed, WEB trains mentors from 8th grade to be WEB leaders on our campus. As positive role models, WEB leaders help guide all incoming 7th grade students in discovering what it takes to be successful during the transition to middle school.

    WEB hosts an Orientation the week before school begins for our incoming students. This event is for students only and is facilitated by our student WEB leaders and WEB staff leaders. During the orientation, our incoming Spartans will learn about school policies and procedures, familiarize themselves with the campus, and participate in many fun team-building activities with a focus on developing friendships and support groups with fellow Spartans. This fun event ends with a social gathering where students can eat lunch and continue building their friendships. We encourage all incoming Spartans to attend WEB orientation to help increase their familiarity with all things Spartan Nation and ease any possible concerns middle school might bring in the transition to middle school.

    More details will be added to this page regarding date and time for WEB orientation.


    School Year Planning FAQ’s

    Q: What is the difference between the January Open House and the July Open House?
    A: The January Open House is an overview of our campus, what makes our campus a school  of choice and what we have to offer our students. The July Open House is an overview of our campus systems, procedures and expectations to set up students and parents for success. 

    Parents and students will have the opportunity to tour the campus at both.

    Q: Who attends the Open House at Sossaman Middle School?

    A: Parents and students are encouraged to attend the Open House.

    Q: Who attends the 6th grade feeder school visit?
    A: The 6th grade feeder school visit is for students. Students from each of our five (5) feeder schools will visit our campus as part of a field trip during the school day. 

    Q: When will prospective students have the opportunity to tour the campus?

    A: Students have the opportunity to tour our campus at our January Open House, during WEB Orientation and at our July Open House.

    Q: What is WEB Orientation?
    A: WEB, "Where Everybody Belongs," is our transition and mentoring program. WEB hosts an orientation on a selected day the week before the first day of school. During the orientation students will receive their schedules, tour the campus, learn about school policies and procedures, and participate in many fun team building activities with a focus on developing friendships and support groups with fellow Spartans. 

    WEB orientation is student led and facilitated by our staff WEB leadership team. 

    WEB orientation is for student only and held the morning of the July Open House where parents and students can attend to prepare for the upcoming school year and tour the campus.

    Q: When do parents and students meet their teachers?

    A: Students will meet some of their teachers at the July Open House. We will have our annual Curriculum Night within the first few weeks of the school year that will allow students and parents to visit each of their students’ classes, learn what the curriculum is for each class and meet teachers. 

    Q: What supplies does my Spartan student need to start the school year?
    A: Students may come prepared on the first day of school with some general supplies, such as a backpack, writing utensils, highlighters, and 1-subject spiral notebooks. 

    Each teacher will review and provide a syllabus from each class with supplies that will be used.