Colleen Crockett M.S.


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Office Hours: 8:20am-4:20pm


My name is Mrs. Crockett. I am the 7th grade school counselor at Cooley Middle School. I am so excited to be here this year. I have a Masters in Professional Counseling from GCU and a Bachelors in Chemical Dependency from WNMU.

I am an Arizona native and have lived in the east valley since 2014. I have been with my husband for 13 years, and have 2 children in elementary school.

My passion is to be supportive and encouraging to our youth to be impowered to do good in this world by being kind and working hard. I love advocating for our kids to try new things and challenge themselves to be better everyday. The legacy I hope to leave is that I was kind to everyone and that I was always available for a good high five!