Clubs & Activities

  • To inquire about the nature and purpose of the club, please contact Williams Field High School administration at 480-279-8000.  

    Williams Field High School

    Clubs & Activities Schedule


    Faculty Supervisor(s) Location Date & Time

    Art Club

    Rachel Coblentz  Room 306 Tuesdays @ 2:20

    Athletic Managers

    Jamie Crumbaker Room 609 Everyday after school

    Baking Club

    Herb Williams Room 101 1st Tuesday of the month @ 2:15

    Best Buddies

    Brittany O'Neill Room 202 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 2:30

    Big Red Rage  

    Herb Williams & Audra Glines   Room 105 Thursdays @ 2:30pm  

    Bio Science   

    Chris Brock   Room 261 Thursdays @ 2:30pm  

    Black Student Union

     Shay Moore Student Union 2nd/4th Wednesday of each month @ 2:30

    Bring Change to Mind  

    Keiragan Wall and Beth Rustad Room 411 Thursdays @ 2:30pm

    Chess Club

    Josh Olson Room 196 Wednesdays @ 2:30

    Criminal Justice

    Herbert Williams Room 101 Wednesdays during 5th period


      April Porter Room 150 2nd Tuesday of each month at all lunches  

    Dungeons and Dragons Game Club

     Steve Koeniseder   Room  121 Monday after school 230-430pm

    Exercise Science Club

     Jamie Crumbaker Room 609 1st Hour Daily

    Fashion Club

      Lindsey Steidinger Room 207 Fridays @ 2:30

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes  

      Stacey and Travis Fentress Weight Room Mondays @ 7pm

    Fishing Club

    Jamie Crumbaker Room 609 Last Tuesday of every month @ 2:30

    Gardening Club

    Buffy Sanchez Room 206 2nd Thursday of every month @ 2:30

    Hiking Club

    Mike Higgins Room 248 TBD

    Key Club

    Yvette Christensen Room 184 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month   
    National Honor Society Megan Spitler & Alison Locke Room 199 Tuesdays @ 2:30PM
    RAKE Keiragan Wall Room 411 Thursdays @ 2:30pm
    PI Club   Miles Kolman Room 411 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month @ 2:30  
    Robotics   Kelly Mahony Room 262 Thursdays @ 230pm
    Student Council   Lindsety Steidinger Room 118 Daily with members during 4th hour  
    Thespians   Jill Seader   Room 308 or Auditorium   Mondays @ 3:30  
    Together + Brittany O'Neill Room 202 Fridays @ 2:15
    Trash Take Down Jackie Novak College and Career Center Fridays @ 2:15
    Unified Sports   Lori Larsen   Gym Tuesdays @ 2:30