• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the platform my student will use when it comes to learning? 

    Canvas will be utilized in 7-12. Our Canvas platform will look similar for all teachers and courses. Coursework will be found in modules with due dates. Because due dates will be listed, this will allow things to show up on the Canvas calendar.

    How many classes can they take online? In-person?

    7-8 students are either online or in-person.

    9-12 students can be either online or in-person; they can also do both.

    Structures for HVA 7-12




    Option A-6 classes online



    Option B-2 classes online;4 classes in person



    Option C- 4 classes online; 2 classes in person



    Is there a cut-off date to sign up for HVA?

    Ideally, we are hoping to know what you want to do by April 30th. Registration will be open through summer just as registration for in-person campuses. Earlier registration affords more opportunities if you choose a hybrid model.

    How do I register?

    On the HVA homepage, there is a registration link. Please click on it and share what it is you may want regarding options as well as classes. You will then be contacted and an orientation meeting will be setup. This will be done in-person with both the parent and child. At this time, classes will be chosen as well as what orientation looks like online prior to beginning.   

    How does attendance work?

    We believe attendance is important to the success of student learning. Attendance online includes research, reading, reviewing assignments as well as completing and turning work in. In addition, meeting or emailing your teacher for clarification are important components to success. Teachers and administrators will monitor when and how often students log in. This will ensure your student is on track and in compliance with state laws (we are required to withdraw any full-time student who does not log in for 10 consecutive days). Attendance must be submitted for all students and is reported weekly by parents / students. Student / parent reporting of attendance is mandatory to stay in the program. 

    A log was mentioned. What does that entail?

    Students need to log into each class a minimum of 5 days a week in order to stay on top of all the work that is due as well as maintain enrollment in the program. Students need to log in to each class a minimum of 5 days in any given week. These 5 days can be any days, including Saturday and Sunday.

    Can I work at my own pace?

    You will have 18 weeks from the course start date to finish the necessary work to earn ½ credit. In order to help students’ pace to finish all coursework prior to the end of the semester, there are due dates for all assignments and exams. Students are required to turn in work on or before the due date for each assignment/assessment. They may log in anytime day or night and any day in order to review and practice lessons and submit assignments and exams. Students can work ahead of schedule and they can work more quickly through lessons that are easier while spending more time on material that is more challenging.

    Are gifted and/or honors classes available in middle school?

    Honors/Accelerated options are available online. The instructors will have training in gifted instruction.

    Can I take dual enrollment online? And AP?

    Dual enrollment is not offered through the Higley Virtual Academy.

    Who is the contact regarding HVA? If we join and there are technical issues, is the contact the same?

    If there are any concerns or problems with coursework, classes or instruction, please reach out to Mr. John Dolan at John.dolan@husd.org

    What is the structure for 7-12?

    HVA will provide online instruction through CANVAS using the Florida Virtual Curriculum. This model allows for students to have a personalized, flexible schedule to meet their needs.  Students will work through online modules and follow a sequential pacing guide to make sure they are meeting designated benchmarks to complete the course during the semester. Teachers will not provide daily instruction but will have weekly office hours and be available via email/phone throughout the week. Secondary students have the option of full-time enrollment or part-time concurrent enrollment in HVA.  Full-time enrollment would be six courses through HVA per semester. Part-time, concurrent enrollment is available for students who wish to take classes at both HVA and an HUSD campus. Students should work with their school counselor to determine a schedule to meet their needs.

    How do I know how to use Canvas? FLVS?

    In each student's Canvas classroom portal, there will be orientation videos regarding the use of Canvas. It will show how to access Canvas as well as how to navigate the platform. The same is true for the FLVS.  We have created several introductory videos that help both the student and the parents. They must be viewed prior to beginning coursework.

    How does my child's schedule work? There are no distinct periods in secondary?

    Students in grades 7-12 have a flexible schedule. There are no set times for coursework or live sessions with teachers. Office hours will be posted to offer support for students.

    Is there a fee for online classes?

    Fees apply when a student takes more classes than are offered in a given day. The fee for additional coursework is $160.00 per course.

    If I begin a class but do not finish, do I get a refund? 

    No, if you take more than 6 classes and pay for your 7th, there is no refund once you begin. 

    Are my tests online?

    All students will be expected to come in person to take state assessments. Students in grades 7-12 must make times to come in to take semester and final exams. Other exams will be up to the teacher's discretion on whether you must report in-person to take.   

    Can I be in EVIT and online?

    Yes, you can do both.

    Is there transportation for me if I attend both online and in-person?

    No, there is no transportation for students who choose a hybrid model.

    Can I play sports if I am online?

    You may play sports or do clubs for your homeschool.  If you opened enrolled in HVA, you would only be eligible at the school you are in boundaries for.