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My name is Kaleen Godfrey and I am a proud Arizona native. My husband and I have 3 amazing young adult children, and raised them here in Gilbert. Our family loves spending time on the beach in California, and we have also enjoyed traveling throughout the US and Europe, both on business and for our children’s athletic events. While my children were in school, I s-l-o-w-l-y worked on my bachelor's degree, and finally graduated from GCU when my youngest graduated from high school.

My desire to teach comes primarily from being a parent, and experiencing the education process through my children's highs and lows of "the system." I saw great teachers change my kids' lives and I saw the impact of classroom mistakes that felt crushing to them. I knew I wanted to provide an environment of emotional safety and academic confidence that would encourage all my students to engage learning wherever they were at in the learning process.

I believed the classroom should be a place where students had choices and a sense of control over both their learning and environment. I believed the classroom should be a nurturing space where students could grow into their own person. I'm working and learning vigorously every day to provide this for each student. My promise is to keep these goals in my vision in everything I do.