• Christopher Hilfigure


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  • My name is Christopher Hilfigure, and I am beyond excited to be here, teaching 4th Grade, at Power Ranch Elementary! 

    I mostly grew up in California's Bay Area, where I graduated high school and developed a passion for all things nature. After moving to Arizona 12 years ago, that passion for nature has not dwindled, but has only grown exponentially. I have a wonderful wife who supports me in everything, a spunky cat named Deku, a growing collection of house plants, and an eager desire to continually learn more about the world around me. At the heart of this passion for nature is a passion for learning. I absolutely love learning as much as I can about as many things as I can, and I hope to instill this same passion upon all my students! 

    I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, with an SEI endorsement. Although I have worked in schools for several years doing everything from planning and running summer camps, running after-school programs, and performing various administrative duties, this will be my first time teaching in a classroom, outside of my Student Teaching. Even though I have graduated, I fully intend on continuing to grow and learn, achieving new knowledge and skills along the way. In fact, I expect that these Fourth Graders are going to teach me just as much, if not more, than I will teach them this year, and I couldn't be more excited about that!

    I like to describe myself as a responsible adult with a child's imagination. One of my absolute favorite pastimes is storytelling. I love coming up with a good story, inventing new characters, giving each character a voice, and just making it as fun as possible. A few other interests that I have are running and other forms of exercise, learning how to play the guitar, reading books about all kinds of topics, and crochet. 

    Education, as a whole, is the jumping-off point of every other career. Making these years as meaningful as possible is vital to a successful adventure through Elementary school and beyond. I believe that it is important to develop skills on not only an academic level, but also a personal level. Building skills such as intrinsic motivation, organization, and self-discipline in an academic environment are key to being successful. I will help, in any way that I can, to develop these skills. I will also do my best to guide each and every student through the academics, using each child's own individual learning styles to their advantage.

    Outside my door is one of my favorite phrases: "In this class, we move mountains." That is precisely what we will do. Together, with courage, strength, and determination, we will move mountains and grow as a class, as a community, and as a team. A strong relationship between Teachers, Students, and Parents make for a great education, so please feel free to reach out!