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My name is Christopher Hilfigure, and I’m very fortunate to be your 6th grade science teacher here at Power Ranch Elementary. I truly love what I do and I’m excited to explore the world of science together. It's a big world out there, from the largest star to the smallest molecule, and I'm ready to help guide you through it!

I grew up in California's Bay Area, where I developed a passion for all things nature. After moving to Arizona, that passion for nature has only grown! I have a wonderful wife who supports me in everything, two crazy cats, a collection of house plants, and an eager desire to continually learn more about the world around me.

In my free time, I often occupy my time with many hobbies, such as exercise of all kinds, outdoor photography, reading fantasy novels, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and crochet. One of my absolute favorite pastimes, however, is storytelling. I love coming up with a story, crafting a world, giving each character a voice, and just making it as fun as I can.