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My name is Rachel Stafford and I am a 20+ year veteran teacher from Kansas. I moved to Arizona to begin my career in 1997. I then met my husband, also a teacher and we began our family in 2000. We have two children, a dog, and three cats. I enjoy zumba, hiking, and movies.

Educationally, I have degrees in Psychology, English, Secondary Education, and Education Technology and am working on my second master in Rhetoric and Composition. I love learning and expanding myself as a person. With students, I believe the key to success is finding ways to unlock learning, and I know that is different for every learner. As a Nationally Board Certified teacher, I have become more reflective and have tools at the ready to provide a quality, thoughtful, student-focused education

I am also a social justice warrior. I think we need to make this world a better place and that starts inside all of us. I choose happiness. I choose kindness. I choose to be a source of light in those around me. Life is too short to not embrace it so we must all strive to be better humans and be a positive source of energy to those around us.