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My name is Cyrena Hansen and I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Elementary Education. I have been married to my best friend for 25 years. I have three beautiful children. My oldest plays D1 baseball in Texas, my middle child has Fragile X Syndrome and is a BIG baseball fan, my youngest will be a Junior in high school and loves to play basketball. We love to travel, and our goal is to see every Major League Baseball stadium here in the great USA. We love our baseball!

My career in education started off as a substitute teacher. It gave me some flexibility in my schedule as our middle son battled cancer. Through substituting I found that I loved to teach and that I wanted to do so in my own classroom. That’s when I started my journey of going back to school to get my degree in Elementary Education (it’s never too late). I also found that I loved teaching at the middle school level, and I loved teaching math.

For the last four years, I have been teaching 8th Grade Math in Snowflake, AZ (and yes it really does snow there). I am a small-town girl; I grew up in a small town with 141 students in my entire high school. Snowflake was “small town USA” but unfortunately adult special needs services are lacking in rural areas which is why we have moved back to the big city. Family is my number one priority and I see my co-works and students as my family.