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Marcella Cochran

My name is Marcella Cochran. I spent 6 years at Chaparral Elementary as a 3rd grade teacher and 5th grade math teacher. I spent 5 years teaching 3rd grade and 6th-8th grade math triage at Copper Basin K-8 and Magma Ranch K-8. I spent my first two years teaching 1st-3rd grade at Johnson, Holmes, and Alma Elementary. I have a B.S. and M.Ed. in Elementary Education, as well as my SEI and Reading endorsements.

I have two boys, Xander and Ebrahm, and 2 large dogs. Chase is a bullmastiff mix and we're not sure what breed Ranger is. We just know he and Chase are an amazing addition to our family. I enjoy running, baking, reading with my boys, and watching all the Marvel movies.

Loki is my favorite Marvel character so far and Ebrahm has decided he's going to be Hulk/Spiderman/Ironman/Black Panther when he grows up. Xander has decided he's going to build all the suits and "toys/tools" for Ebrahm when he grows up. We'll see how long before they switch ideas!