• 2/28/2024

    Change the World One Leftover at a Time

        Hello, we are the 6th grade 2018-2019 shcool year at bridges elementry. As students in 6th grade, we are trying to eleminate food waste between our school and community. The more people that will donate leftovers for compost, is the more compost that we could get to help decrease world hunger. We are also getting resturaunts to collect leftover food at the end of the day, to give to our program, to give to the food banks, that would save multiple lives that are suffering from hunger...


          How can we minimize food waste in our community?

    We can minimize food waste in our community by donating food to food banks, composting, and finally gardening.


    With enough food to feed the ammount of people on our planet, how are people getting hungry?

     People are just not making the right dessisions with our food. In 2 zero hunger, it stated, "Poor harvesting practices, as well as food wastage have contributed to food sacrcity."

    How can you help?

    You can help minimize or possibly prevent food waste by donating to food banks. You can also join a group or create one to help raise money for the hungry.

    More info:

    • An average of 794.6 Million people go hungry in US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin          America, and Caribbean every year! 
    • About 800 million people grow hungry, in the world in a day!
    • 40 Percent of our food that should be used is wasted.
    • About 800 million people don't have enough food to conquer a healthy lifestyle.
      Before you are done, please take our Survey, and help out the hungry by donating to food banks.