• Changing the World One Cafeteria at a Time

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    Bridges 6th Grade Students



    Our Mission

           Schools worldwide waste nearly $5 million a day on food waste, which is over $1.2 billion a year. Bridges Elementary is working to decrease that amount by taking our leftover food from the cafeteria and using it to compost. 45% of leftover cafeteria food can be composted instead of thrown away. We will use this compost in our school garden for scientific research. We are doing this because wasted food is just food that could be feeding people who can't afford food. 

    Our Vision 

            With composting, we hope to use our wasted food to benefit the community and minimize food waste. With all the food waste in a year, we could serve 58,064,516,129 meals. Bridges is taking our leftover food that is non-compostable and unopened and giving it to local churches accepting donations.