• Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) courses reflect what is taught in top introductory college courses. AP courses prepare students to take the College Board Advanced Placement examination given in late spring of each school year. Students may be granted Advanced Placement status and/or college credit on the basis of how well they perform on these tests.

    AP courses are taught by certified and trained high school teachers to provide additional rigor and expectations.

    Information regarding advanced placement courses and examinations is available from the counseling offices at each high school or by visiting College Board.

    Students are not required to take an Advanced Placement course to be eligible to take an Advanced Placement examination; however, students enrolled in AP courses are expected to take the AP exams.

    A recent study showed that students taking AP courses and exams were much more likely to earn a college degree in four years 

    A recent study showed that students who earned a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam had higher first-year college grade point averages and were more likely to return for the second year of college than non-AP students of similar ability.

    What to expect from Advanced Placement 

    Courses typically demand more of students than regular or honors courses.

    Courses reflect what is taught in introductory college courses

    Classes tend to be fast-paced and cover more material than typical high school classes

    More time, inside and outside of the classroom, is required to complete lessons, assignments and homework

    AP teachers expect their students to think critically, analyze and synthesize facts and data, weigh competing perspectives, and write clearly and persuasively.

    Interested in taking AP Courses?  Here are some things you can do:

    • Learn more about AP at exploreap.org
    • Speak with your teachers or counselor
    • Talk to classmates who have taken AP courses
    • Discuss your options with your parents or family

    Additional Information

    Williams Field High School is proud to offer a wide variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses for students. Honors classes offer students a more rigorous educational experience and work to prepare them for Advanced Placement instruction. Refer to the HUSD Course Guide for course offerings at WFHS.

    Because of scheduling constraints, students who register for Honors/AP Courses will be expected to remain in these courses for the entire school year.

    The signed Honors and Advanced Placement Agreement is required in order for you to be placed in an Honors or Advanced Placement Course.

    If you have any questions, please contact the AP Coordinator:

    Amanda Johnson, Counselor,  Amanda.Johnson@husd.org  

    2023-2024 AP Student/Parent Agreement

    2023-2024 AP Courses Offered