• Kindergarten sets the foundation for all learning in Higley Unified School District. Our campuses all offer FREE all-day Kindergarten!
    Higley’s kindergarten programs are designed to improve student’s development in several aspects, including:
    • social skills (how to play with other children in a calm, sharing, rewarding manner);
    • self-awareness and respect for others;
    • emotional skills (understanding others' feelings); 
    • language, literacy, and numeracy skills, including reading and counting;
    • a joy for learning communicating and collaboration;
    • ability to make new friends; and
    • exposure to new ideas and concepts.
    Higley schools help kindergarten students to grow academically. Students' day-to-day schedule includes: workshop centers, reading/ELA, Math, Reading Groups, Social Studies, Science and Thematic Units. Students will also participate in the specials: Music, P.E, Library, Technology and Art.
    Below is an example of a typical kindergarten schedule:
    • Attendance / lunch count / pledge
    • Classroom work
    • Specials
    • AM snack and recess
    • Reading/ELA
    • Math
    • Lunch
    • Quiet time / water and bathroom break
    • Science or Social Studies
    • PM Recess
    • Pack up/ Free study

    For more information on what kindergarten looks like for the different specialty programs in the district, please visit our kindergarten specialty program pages.