• Mrs. Garcia's Homepage

    My name is Monica Garcia and I am thrilled to be teaching math at Higley High School.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Master of Education degree in Secondary Education.  This is my second year teaching math here at Higley, and I will be teaching Algebra 1 only.  I am excited to continue my adventure at Higley High and look forward to getting to know all of my students.

    I have been married for 13 years, and have two fanstics boys who are almost 8 and 10.  I appreciate all of the teachers who have poured into my childrens' lives, and I am honored to have the same opportunity with all of my students.

    Philosophy of Education

    I believe all students have the ability to be successful as long as they are willing to work hard.  I know math is a challenging subject for many, but I enjoy working with students until they have a "light bulb moment", and encourage my students to ask questions and seek help when needed.  I like to incorporate humor into each lesson to keep students engaged, and encourage small group work to give students the opportunity to verbally process what they just learned as well as ask questions of their peers.  

    Accessing Grade Book

    A link to accessing ParentVue to view your student's grades can be found here: ParentVue Login

    Course Syllabus

    The syllabus for Algebra 1 can be found on Canvas.

    Class Webpage

    The link to Canvas, which has the class webpage for both Algebra 1 as well as Algebra Support, can be found here: Canvas Login  All course documents, as well as a calendar of events and activities, are located on the class webpage on Canvas.

    Resources/Online Textbook Access/ALEKS

    There are excellent resources available to your student through the McGraw-Hill Online Curriculum.  Students can access tutoring videos, practice tests, examples, and many other resources by visiting husd.org and clicking on "Math Curriculum Student Login."  Students will use their regular login info to access the website, ensuring they change the drop-down menu option from "Clever" to "MHE".  Once students have logged in, they only need to click on the link that says "Algebra 1" with a picture of the front of the textbook.  Students can also access their textbook online at this location, so they do not have to take their textbook with them when traveling (unless there is no internet connection).  Students will follow the same directions to access ALEKS, only rather than clicking on "Algebra 1" with the textbook picture they will click the link that says "ALEKS" along with their section number.


    I am available for tutoring from 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm Wednesdays and Fridays.  Tutoring hours are subject to change due to conflicts with meetings, so please contact me beforehand and let me know you plan on attending.  


    The best way to get a hold of me is by e-mail at Monica.Garcia@husd.org.  I check my e-mail regularly and will respond as quickly as possible.  You can also leave me a voicemail if you prefer by calling 480-279-7384.