• My name is Sharon Fonzo and I began my teaching career in the 1996-97 school year.  I started to teach Freshman English in 2010 and love working with 9th graders! In the past, I taught Yearbook, Journalism, and Principles of Leadership. I love sponsoring school clubs and I am the current GSA sponsor at Higley HS to ensure that all students have a safe space. 


    My Bachelor's Degree is in Special Education from William Paterson University in NJ (where I am originally from).  My Master's Degree is in Curriculum & Instruction from Arizona State University.  I have post-grad coursework in Educational Leadership and believe learning is a continuous process.

    When I am not teaching, I love to cook, read, make silly videos of my dogs/cat, and spend time with my family.

    Email: sharon.fonzo@husd.org 

    *Please allow 1 full school day to respond to emails.  Thank you.*