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Welcome to 5th Grade! We are so thrilled to be a part of your learning this year we couldn’t wait to tell you “Welcome.” Fifth grade is an extremely pivotal time for children - a unique time because it is a bridge between the primary grades and middle school. It is our job to prepare students to excel, both academically and socially, this upcoming year. We will encourage them throughout the year to increase their self-reliance in preparation for the transition to sixth grade next year.

We will be experiencing many new and exciting hands-on projects, reports, writing assignments, and real-life applications of the curriculum. We want to make learning enjoyable for your child. We know that not every child learns in exactly the same way and that no one knows your child better than you.

We welcome your input and support to help us reach our goals this year. Most importantly, we believe that in order to have a well-balanced and academically-successful student, we must all communicate effectively and consistently.