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    The purpose of the Maricopa County Trip Reduction Program is to help reduce single occupant commutes to and from work by educating and promoting trip reduction. To comply with the program, Higley has implemented its own program to help get the information needed to the employees, as well as encouraging employees to participate in reducing congestion. This starts with what we do best in education.

    Air pollution is a year-round concern in the Valley. There are three primary types, which include Ozone in the summer and carbon monoxide and particle matter in the winter.

    Due to the growing concern we may have about air pollution, along with periodic news alerts, Valley Metro has established a High Pollution Advisory program to let individuals know when the pollutants have become hazardous. For more information regarding the Trip Reduction Program or to sign up for High Pollution Advisory alerts go to www.valleymetro.org.

    Higley has designed a program that benefits our employees/driving age students who are interested in participating or are using alternative modes of transportation and single occupant driving reduction. The program includes:

    • Alternative modes partners and/or ride share matching.
    • Valley Metro contests and drawings
    • Carpool parking for active carpoolers
    • A Guaranteed Ride Home for program participant
    • Helpful TRP Bulletin Board with information regarding air quality and alternative modes of transportation
    • Shower and changing facilities for those alternative mode users

    Our goal is to educate our employees and students about clean air and encourage everyone to help prevent pollution. In 1988, the Omnibus Clean Air Act was passed. Among other pollution control strategies, this act included mandatory emissions testing, use of oxygenated fuels and the mandatory Trip Reduction Program.

    Current information regarding the Higley Trip Reduction Program can be found at your local TRP bulletin board. For more information or questions about TRP, please contact your local representative or contact Josh Crosby, Director of Transportation.