• Wellness Campaign

    Welcome to Wellness Week, December 3 - December 7. This week is a chance to remind everyone to "Take a moment" in the stress of upcoming exams, papers and holidays. Counselors, Human Resources and Public Relations have created a number of activities for you to participate in. These are just suggestions. Fill in your own activities to help make the week your own.

    Monday: Take a moment to be mindful
    Activity 1: Watch “Teach the world to sing
    Activity 2: Participate in Yoga & Meditation
    During homeroom/1st hour (determined by school) Teachers, choose the Yoga/Meditation activity that best fits your schedule.

    Staff Activity: Same as above

    Tuesday: Take a Moment for Your Mental Health 
    Activity 1: Dance and Happy Music
    • Counselors and/or STUCO will put together a “dancing and happy music” playlist. 
    • Music may be played in the morning, during lunch or during passing periods. 
    Activity 2: Take What You Need” (setting determined by school)
    • Before the event, STUCO or another school group can write up post-it notes with self-affirmations such as “I am a good friend. I am a good dancer. I am good singer.”
    • Blank post-its will also be available with a pen for students to write their own statement.
    • A poster with post-it notes will be posted in each building/classroom for students to pick up for themselves or to give to others.
    Activity 3: “I am” links
    • Before the event, STUCO or another group will cut papers into strips about 1”-2” wide.
    • School will determine when/where activity will take place.
    • School will provide strip of paper with pens and students will write “I am” positive statements on paper, then link them together. “I am good at math.” “I am a great friend.” “I am going to college.” “I am beautiful.”

    Staff Activity: Same as above, as well as information provided by HR

    Wednesday: Take a moment for your emotional health 
    Activity: What’s your emoji?
    • Allow students and staff to create their own emoji card to display with the option to write WHY they feel that way on the back. Make it fun!
    • Schools will receive blank yellow circle/faces on cards and a posterboard showing emoji meanings. (This activity will need to be done in a large open space). If more are needed they can be printed here 
    • String the emojis together if you wish to display. Discussion in class or at lunch can be about respecting other’s emotions.  

    Staff Activity: Staff can be provided with coloring pages and pencils in breakrooms.

    Thursday: Take a moment for your physical health 
    Activity: Brain Breaks
    Teachers, find time for brain breaks during the day. It could be during one class or all of them. Videos below (please cue before your class to avoid the commercial)

    Staff Activity: Same as above and staff will be provided with additional videos from HR.

    Friday: Take a moment to connect with others. You’re not alone.
    Activity 1: Fill the bucket activity
    • Before the event, STUCO will copy, cut and distribute “bucket filler compliment/kindness cards” to classrooms for students and staff members (3 per student and 3 per staff member).
    • Teachers will get a stack of “bucket filler compliment/kindness” cards. Teachers will distribute 3 cards to each student. Students will fill the cards out and, throughout the day, give them to peers, school employees or family members.
    • While students are filling out the cards, teachers will play “You’ve Got a Friend" by James Taylor or “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman
    Activity 2: Compliments and Praise
    • Before the activity, teachers will encourage students to compliment and praise their peers that day/class period.
    • Students at the end of the day/class who do this to at least three peers will receive a link to add to a chain that can be displayed in the class/school showing we are a class/school of kindness.
    Activity 3: Kindness praises
    • Before school (or after school the previous day) STUCO or another group will create chalk writings around campus with positive phrases.
    • “You have a friend.”, “We are here for you.”, “You can do it.”, “You are awesome.”, “Make it a great day.”, “You’ve got this.”, “Hello!” “We are glad you are here.” etc.

    Staff Activity: Same as above, and staff will find "conversation starter" posters in breakrooms.