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    Welcome to the 2021-2022 Wellness Week, December 6 - December 10. This week is a chance to remind everyone to "Take a moment" in the stress of upcoming exams, papers and holidays. Counselors, Student Services, Human Resources, and Public Relations have created several activities for you. These are just suggestions. Fill in your own activities to help make the week your own.

    Monday: Take a moment to be Mindful
    Activity 1: Watch "Take a Moment"
    Activity 2: Thinking of you cards
    • Encourage students to write a "thinking of you" type postcard for someone who has provided support this year or to reach out to someone who they believe could use encouragement/connection. 
    • For Higley Virtual Academy, students will receive electronic postcards, which they can email to classmates, teachers, friends,and family.  

    Tuesday: Take a Moment for Your Mental Health 
    Activity 1: Playlist: 
    • Schools are welcome to customize or create their own playlist.
    • Play music in the morning, during lunch or during passing periods. 
    Activity 2: Each grade level team will choose to create the “take a moment” post it board or the “take a moment” bulletin board.
    •   Students throughout the week will be able to take what they need and pass it onto a friend or keep for themselves. (Samples Below)
      • Post It Board
      • Bulletin Board

    Wednesday: Take a Moment for Your Emotional Health 
    Activity 1: "Take a Moment" Commitment Cards
    • Commitment cards are available for students and staff to write down what it means for you to "Take a Moment". 
    Thursday: Take a Moment to Connect with Ohers. You’re not alone.
    Activity 1: Chalk Messages
    • Students and staff may create positive messages around campus! 
    Activity 2: Selfie Photo Frame
    • Students and staff will be able to take selfies at lunch in our hands-free photo frame and post to their own social media accounts. Make it fun!
    • Students and staff are encouraged to use. 

    Friday: Take a Moment for Your Physical Health 
    Activity 1: Virtual Walks
    • Classes have the opportunity to take a virtual walk to various locations. Below are some links that may be used.