• Wellness Campaign

    Welcome to Wellness Week, a chance to remind everyone to “Take a moment” in the stress of upcoming exams, papers and holidays. Counselors, Human Resources and Public Relations have created a number of activities for you to participate in. These are just suggestions. Fill in your own activities to help make the week your own.

    Monday: Take a Moment for Your Emotional Health

    Watch "Take a Moment to Take Care of Yourself" and announce “Take what you need” activity in 1st hour

    Take What You Need activity:

    • Before the event, STUCO or another school group can write up post-it notes with self-affirmations such as “I am a good friend. I am a good dancer. I am good singer.”
    • Blank post-its will also be available with a pen for students to write their own statement.
    • A poster with post-it notes will be posted in each building for students to pick up for themselves or to give to others.

    Tuesday: Take a Moment to be Mindful

    Watch a meditation video and show HUSD Meditation slideshow in 1st hour

    Meditation (Choose one below to show. These are YouTube videos with advertising. We suggest teachers prep the video past the ad to avoid showing advertising to students.)

    Wednesday: Take a Moment for Your Mental Health

    Watch a Town of Gilbert “Can’t Stop the Feeling” video and dance in 1st hour

    Dancing and happy music:

    • STUCO will put together a “dancing and happy music” playlist.
    • STUCO will play the music during lunch and may have a “twist” contest.
    • The music will be played over intercom during passing periods.

    Thursday: Take a moment to connect with others. You’re not alone.

    Watch a HUSD Friendship slideshow and announce “Fill the bucket” activity in 1st hour

    Fill the bucket activity:

    • Before the event, STUCO will copy, cut and distribute “bucket filler compliment/kindness cards” to classrooms for students and staff members (3 per student and 3 per staff member).
    • 1st hour teachers will get a stack of “bucket filler compliment/kindness” cards. Teachers will distribute 3 cards to each student. Students will fill the cards out and, throughout the day, give them to peers, school employees or family members.
    • While students are filling out the cards, teachers will play “You’ve Got a Friend" by James Taylor or “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

    All teachers/staff will participate in the “fill the bucket” activity with peers.

    Friday: Take a Moment for Your Physical Health

    1st hour teachers are encouraged to talk to students about how they exercise.

    Activity: Walk Arizona (389 miles)

    STUCO will set up a “track” in the courtyard for students to take a walk during lunch or as a class.

    • Students will track their steps and staff will verify the number of steps they had during the day.
    • The total step count for the school will be sent to the PR Department.
    • There will be bragging rights for most steps between the two high schools.

    Teachers/staff will track their steps though an app or on a personal tracker. Staff members will send a photo of tracker/app showing the steps to benefits@husd.org. The staff member with the most steps by the end of the school day will be entered into a drawing for a prize from HR.