• Wellness Campaign

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 Wellness Week, December 7 - December 11. This week is a chance to remind everyone to "Take a moment" in the stress of upcoming exams, papers and holidays. Counselors, Student Services, Human Resources, and Public Relations have created several activities for you. These are just suggestions. Fill in your own activities to help make the week your own.

    Monday: Take a moment to be Mindful
    Activity 1: Watch "Take a Moment"
    Activity 2: Participate in Yoga & Meditation
    During homeroom/1st hour (determined by school) select the yoga/meditation activity that best fits your schedule.
    Activity 3: Breathe Boards
    • Access the “Breathing Activity” sheets to either print or pull up on the computer screen.
    • Lead students through a guided breathing activity. Do this for 1-2 minutes, reminding students that if they feel overwhelmed or stressed during the day, a few deep breaths can help them refocus.
    • Students will trace the design with their fingers slowly, taking a breath in or out depending on instructions. 

    Staff Activity: HR will provide information to staff

    Tuesday: Take a Moment for Your Mental Health 
    Activity 1: Playlist: 
    • Schools are welcome to customize or create their own playlist.
    • Play music in the morning, during lunch or during passing periods. 
    Activity 2: "Take What You Need” Sheets. I am, I canI will
    • STUCO (or other club) will to display these around campus!
    • Students will take a tab if they need it. 

    Staff Activity: HR will provide information to staff

    Wednesday: Take a Moment for Your Emotional Health 
    Activity 1: Chalk Messages
    • Students and staff may create positive messages around campus! 
    Activity 2 Secondary: Selfie Photo Frame
    • Students and staff will be able to take selfies at lunch in our hands-free photo frame and post to their own social media accounts. Make it fun!
    • Students and staff are encouraged to use #HUSDTakeAMoment. 
    Staff Activity: HR will provide information to staff

    Thursday: Take a Moment to Connect with Ohers. You’re not alone.
    Activity 1: Watch "Connecting with Others"
    Activity 2 Elementary: Fill the Bucket activity
    • Before the event copy, cut and distribute “bucket filler compliment/kindness cards” to classrooms for students and staff members (3 per student and 3 per staff member).
    • Distribute cards. Students will fill the cards out and, throughout the day, give them to peers, school employees or family members.
    • While students are filling out the cards, teachers may play the story about bucket fillers:

    Bucket Filler 1

      BF 2

    BF 3

    Activity 3: Thinking of You Cards
    • Encourage students to write a "thinking of you" type postcard for someone who has provided support this year or to reach out to someone who they believe could use encouragement/connection. 

    Staff Activity: HR will provide information to staff

    Friday: Take a Moment for Your Physical Health 
    Activity 1: Virtual Walks
    Classes have the opportunity to take a virtual walk to various locations. Below are some links that may be used.
    National Parks
    Activity 2: Brain Gym Activities
    Activity 3: Pledge to be Healthy
    • Display butcher block paper sheets. Have students sign their name or write on a Post-it note pledging to be healthy. Pledges can be to make healthy choices such as “Just Say No”, “Be physically active every day”, or “Make healthy food choices”, etc.
    • Volunteers are needed to monitor the pledge area.
    Staff Activity: HR will provide information to staff