• Here Comes the Bus

    With the use of this transportation app you are able to:

    • View the real-time location of your bus
    • Get to the bus stop at the right time, every time
    • Parents- Know when and where your child boards or exits a bus
    • Students- Use the app to scan on the bus, no need to use a bus pass

    How To Get Started:

    Download the Here Comes the Bus app or visit Here Comes the Bus

    Click the "sign up" button

    Enter the school code "78174" and select "Next" folowed by "Confirm"

    Complete the "user profile" box

    Under "My Students" select "Add" Enter your last name and student ID number

    Once you confirm your information you are ready to begin

    If you have questions please contact HCTB@husd.org

    Helpful Hints

    Smaller is Better
    The apps default notification setting is 1 mile. We recommend changing this to a smaller setting for most of your neighborhoods. Go to “notification” and “edit notification radius”. The app will notify you whenever your bus enters the circle you create. You will need to edit this for BOTH the AM and PM stops.

    Customizable Notifications
    You can select email, push notifications or both for your notifications. You can also select what you want to be notified of. For example: Bus Substitutions, Stop Radius Entry, Stop Radius Exit and Student Scans.

    • With this app you may still need to provide proper identification at the bus driver’s request.
    • Knowing the bus’s location also means that you need to be at the bus at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.