•  Teacher with students
    The Academy develops a solid foundation of fundamental and higher level thinking skills through a structured curriculum that is consistent within each grade level and sequential throughout the grades. The kindergarten through sixth-grade curriculum is taught using direct teaching techniques, whole class instruction and approved teaching methods, and is not interrupted for non-curricular programs or activities. Also, student uniforms are essential for the proper structure of a traditional academy.
    The phonics-based Spalding program is the basis of HTA’s language arts curriculum. The Saxon math program is accelerated one grade level across the school. Special area classes, such as library, music, art, and physical education are included in the curriculum. Technology will be incorporated throughout the curriculum as appropriate in accordance with Arizona State Standards and within district guidelines.
    With the exception of Special Education classes, pull-out programs are not provided at Higley Traditional; however, many of these programs such as orchestra, yearbook, and student council may be available either before or after the regular school day.