• Welcome Families to Kids Club 2018/2019
    We would like to take this opportunity to communicate some valuable information. Kids Club is a completely on-line system. Please use the following steps to manipulate your account.

    How to Register for Kids Club:
    2. In the upper right hand corner, log into your account 
    (PLEASE ONLY make a new account if you have never had one with us before. The first page of setting up a new account is the PARENT PROFILE page. Then add a family member(s). If you need assistance, please call us rather than trying to create another account. We will also reset your password for you
    3. Once logged in, your account will read “Welcome”. On the far left of your screen, select Kids Club. Select your school. Select your class name. Select Register for AM/PM. Select your child. Select “Kids Club Registration 2017-2018”. Complete the form and when successful it will read “Completed”

    Scheduling your Kids Club Days for Upcoming Weeks:
    1. Return to “My Account” and within the “Registration” box, click “View/Change Care Schedule”. Once you get to the calendar page, click “Change Schedule” above the calendar on the right hand side. Select your desired Kids Club days for the following week for each   child. Days MUST be scheduled between Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM for the following week or you will be locked out of   your account until the following Monday. Anytime you are locked out, or when using Kids Club for previously unscheduled days (Drop in’s), you will be charged $5.00 per day, per child, late scheduling fees for the office to put days into your calendar for you. 
    2. The system will say ZERO is due. You can override this and manually enter and make a payment now, OR you can simply wait until Friday morning when the system will auto-bill you. Payments for Kids Club are always due on/or before the Saturday of each week PRIOR to using Kids Club. Unpaid accounts will be locked until payment is made in full. If you choose to drop your child into  Kids Club with a balance due on your account, $5.00 late scheduling fees will apply to each child, for each day. Kids Club must be paid in full PRIOR to use. Rates are listed below. If you are an Employee, please email your ID number to community.education@husd.org
    3. If you desire Auto Pay, please initiate it on your end PRIOR to making your next payment. Whatever credit/debit card you use to make your next payment will be charged every Saturday only for the following week of Kids Club scheduled days
    4. There are no transfers, switching, or refunds of Kids Club days
    5. Please bring a copy of your child shot records to Kids Club your first day of use (at pick-up time is fine)

    2018/2019 KIDS CLUB RATES
    $9.00 per morning for the first child       $7.20 for each additional child
    $13.50 per afternoon for the first child   $10.80 for each additional child