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Office Hours: M/W 2:15-3 PM TR B Lunch

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Demonstrate expertise in the practical aspects and applications of physics and engineering, having led worldwide corporate design engineering and large engineering projects. Experienced in working with secondary schools; educating and introducing them to the fields of engineering and physics focusing on instruction through modeling. Responsible for introducing, developing, and implementing both the Physics and Engineering program, in my former school district.

Highly accomplished, well-traveled, and versatile program manager, with focused expertise in the engineering field. Persistent and dedicated in working from ground up to become a corporate executive with the end goal of fulfilling the passion for teaching. Well-exposed to various cultures, having lived abroad in 4 continents over 10 years and traveled to 6; with rich and authentic real-world experiences to share to the young generation.

Honors Introduction to Engineering Design; Honors Principles of Engineering; Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering ( AP-CSP), AP Physics C Mechanics; AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism; Software Development 1 (AP-CSP) and Physics.