•  Taylor OConnor


    Graduate from iTeach Program






    Feel free to contact me to set up a meeting!



    Welcome to the Third Grade!

    My name is Ms. Taylor O'Connor and I am thrilled to be your child's third grade teacher this year. It will be a wonderful year filled with learning and exciting opportunities to grow. 


    To tell you a bit about myself, I graduated from the iTeach program with a Bachelors in Elementary Education through Arizona State University. I also have a background in Computer Science and Computer Informatics. I have always loved school and really felt like helping others was my talent, so I channeled it into teaching!


    When I am not brainstorming fun new ways to teach, I am probably binge reading some new series my book club has told me about. I also love watching movies; I am a huge movie-buff. Building computers and playing games with my friends and family is also a huge pastime that I do when I am not in the classroom; I come from a very tech-friendly family.


     Again, I am excited for the year to come and the experiences that will come with it!