Enrichment Zone

  • The Higley Unified School District is pleased to offer a schedule of Enrichment Zone activities with a focus on age-level activities. The programs offered strive to promote physical activity, fitness, skill development and sportsmanship. Please take a moment to view the program schedule and select an activity that meets your child’s interest and/or needs. Once a club has begun, no refunds/credits will be given for unattended days. Prorating for a club due to the inability to attend certain classes is also not condoned. 

    To learn more, click on the selected program.

Enrichment Zone Programs

  • Dance Jam @ Bridges

  • Creative Club Junior @ Power Ranch

  • Flex Fit Fun Club @ Power Ranch

  • The Gateway Green Thumbs (Gardening Club)

  • Team Sports Club @ Power Ranch

  • Yoga Club @ Power Ranch

  • Super Slime Science @ Power Ranch

  • SCAT Club AT Bridges

  • Flower Child Adventures @ Gateway

  • Creative Club at Power Ranch

  • Drama Club @ Power Ranch

  • Science Matters

  • Elements Music

  • Dance Sequins